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Commissioner's Message
Welcome to year 10 of the Bunch of Joes fantasy golf league, now hosted by Pro Tour Fantasy Golf! You can sign-up using this link if you know the league password.

Payment information is included below. Prizes will be finalized once the number of participants is determined. See the "prizes" tab for specific details. You will see that I have put more behind weekly prizes and decreased the overall winner amount.

This year's format should be extremely familiar to those of you that have played recently. There are a few notable upgrades with our new site -- including the ability to have an alternate pick in the event of a WD, and that we will be banking $$$ earnings instead of FedExCup points. I encourage you to check out the "Rules" and "FAQs" links above on this page.

As always, contact me directly at vditri@chartis.com or Commissioner@joes.ProTourFantasyGolf.com with questions or concerns. Thanks for joining us!
League Commissioner: Vince Ditri